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There are plenty of ways for producers to get paid for their YouTube Shorts. TikTok offers a program called Creator Partners, which is a division of the TikTok Creator Fund. Instagram content producers can charge for their posts through subscriptions. There is also the YouTube Partner Program for YouTube Shorts.

Although we’ve already discussed ways to make money off of your YouTube material, Shorts offers producers a new business strategy. TubersMCN will go over the model and requirements for joining the program in this article.

Here’s YouTube’s explanation on why they employ the creator pool, in case you were wondering:

Shorts require a different revenue sharing arrangement than long-form YouTube videos since they use a different ad format.

Because the YouTube Partner Program distributes ad money according to a model, all Shorts creators — not just those having an ad next to their video — can profit from advertisements.

According to this approach, music consumption has no bearing on the ability of content providers to make money off of it.

YouTube shorts

The Creator Pool operates as follows:

In order to compensate creators and defray the costs of paying copyright fees for the use of music, money from the interstitial advertisements in the Shorts Feed is added to the Pool.

All of the money earned from views on your unmusical video content is contributed to the Creator Pool.

The Pool and copyright claims will split the money if you post a video with music in it, depending on how many tracks were used.

Then, according to each creator’s percentage of the total views, the money in the Creator Pool is allocated to them.

Who can use YouTube Shorts to get paid for ads?

In addition to having an active AdSense account, two-step verification enabled, and residing in an area where YouTube Partner Program is available, the following criteria are necessary to be eligible for YouTube Shorts:

1,000 subscribers and 4,000 legitimate public viewing hours for your long-form videos OR 1,000 subscribers and 10 million public Shorts views in the previous 90 days.

In order to earn money on YouTube, you must also abide by their rules. Among the most crucial guidelines to take into account are:

In order to earn money on YouTube, you must also abide by their rules. Among the most crucial guidelines to take into account are:

You are not allowed to upload another creator’s work verbatim and earn money on YouTube due to their originality policy. This comprises snippets from already-released material, such as films and TV series. Here’s the thing: feel free to reimagine other people’s work (for example, by utilizing Shorts’ Remix feature). If not, you must create original content for yourself.

Creator Pool

Additionally, you have to abide by the Google AdSense program rules, the Terms of Service, the Community Guidelines on YouTube, and copyright laws. This implies that your material ought to adhere to YouTube’s specified rules and be suitable for advertisers.

Additionally, your account must be clear of Community Guidelines strikes.

After being cleared at this point, you will need to accept the Shorts Monetization Module to earn ad revenue from Shorts. Also read YouTube Monetization: Latest Info for 2024.

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