YouTube SEO Checklist can help boost your channel by means of professional strategies. Learn with TubersMCN how to promote your videos organically and attract the hearts of your subscribers. Now, Let us start without hemming and hawing.

YouTube SEO Checklist 2

Phase 1: Pre Upload YouTube SEO Checklist

The vital core of optimizing any content on the internet is definitely Keyword Research. It is a simplistic point of view to consider YouTube seo as looking for the most searched terms! You need to delve deep into the “intentions” of the users who have searched for the specific words. So you can understand their questions and needs.

When you find the highest search volume keywords, you need to understand the Why beyond the searches. You can solve the mentioned questions by answering questions like the following:

Are the users searching for information, instruction, guideline, tutorial, entertainment, or else?

Finding the keywords with high volume searches is as easy as a piece of cake: just use one of the keyword finders including keyword finder, Google keyword planner, etc. The best keywords are Long-tail keywords which attract targeted audiences rather. Include the keywords into your title, description, tags, and script.

Be sure to keep in mind that you are not just informing, you are going to prepare engaging content. To ace it, it is crucial to know your audience so that you can choose the best discourse. A well-structured script thinks through the following components:

Intriguing questions  What if you could make anyone fall for you?
Surprising statement  Did you know that big nose is a symbol of beauty?
Icebreaker I pranked my dad and this is what happens…
Personal story When I was pregnant, something horrible happened to me 
Challenge Can you learn a new language under a day?
Strong fact The truth about the Australian prisons is that

YouTube SEO Checklist 2

Pay attention to the following YouTube optimization checklist during the giving life to the script:

YouTube SEO Checklist 2

Phase 2: In the Course of Upload YouTube SEO Checklist

You need to optimize anything and everything so that jump on the algorithm:

YouTube SEO Checklist

Phase 3: Post Upload YouTube SEO Checklist

The following tips help you promote your video after publishing:

YouTube optimization Checklist

Beyond the YouTube SEO Checklist: Final Words

Bear in mind that YouTube SEO Checklist is not the last piece of the puzzle. You need to consistently create high-quality, valuable, and enticing videos appropriate for the target audience. Collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche to attract new audiences. It is a win-win collaboration.

Wondering how to grow on YouTube? Contact our support team to leverage your YouTube knowledge and make your dreams happen. TubersMCN provides data-driven strategies so that you can easily optimize your videos and reach views. We have helped many youtubers achieve their YouTube goals. Visit our services to learn more.

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