Youtube Roadmap

Introducing the road map

Get your own version for the fastest growth on YouTube
One of the main problems of most YouTubers in the video-making process is spending a lot of money on producing content and not achieving the desired result. The main reason for this lack of success is the focus on making videos in a large volume without measuring the needs of the viewers and also not analyzing the competitors in their desired field.
Everything you need for your YouTube channel, such as content strategy, analysis of each competitor, title, tag, description, and thumbnail sample, we provide for you in this specialized product, the YouTube roadmap. With this information, like a piece of cake, you can make 30 videos and monetize quickly. In the roadmap, we also explain the most detailed issues, such as the right time to publish a video. So, the only thing you need to do is to use the road map service on the Tubers site. Enter your information in the YouTube roadmap request form right now to use this professional service.

Tubers content roadmap package

Among the strategic services of Tubers is the content roadmap package that reviews and analyzes:

  • Viewers’ needs
  • YouTube staggered status
  • Initial capital required
  • Basic essential equipment
  • Competitors’ analysis in the niche

It will ensure the effectiveness of content production and the growth of your YouTube channelOur Roadmap is a correct and effective investment to get the desired result from YouTube, and by preparing a roadmap that is specially designed for you, you have taken an effective step toward optimizing your content production expenses for the long run.

Analysis of audience needs

  • Identifying the keywords of the question in your chosen topic
  • Checking the number of searches for each keyword and sorting them according to competition
  • Identify question titles in your chosen subject area
  • Checking the trends related to your chosen topic
  • Analysis of competitors in the niche

The current status of your channel

  • Analysis of the traffic coming from each word to your channel
  • Checking how long subscribers spend in your channel
  • Checking your subscribers’ locations
  • Discovering the content taste of your channel’s current audience

Checking the facilities, timing, and the amount of capital you need

  • Checking your geographical and native location
  • Determining the right time to work on your chosen
  • topicDetermining the required equipment and using the available facilities

Analysis and review of competitors

  • Identifying and prioritizing competitors in your niche
  • Checking your competitors’ activities in the niche
  • Analyzing the current position of your channel in the niche

Advantages of the YouTube roadmap:

. Your content production costs will be reduced by 50%
. Content production in line with the needs of the audience
. Improve YouTube SEO score and keywords
. Increasing views on your videos
. Increasing the conversion rate of viewers to subscribers
. discovering the performance of competitors and acting according to your audience’s needs
. Offering a unique style for producing your content

1 45-minute session for free consultation

Checking and costing and sending the contract

Checking and costing and sending the contract

4 Identifying competitors and categorizing keywords

  Checking keywords and titles

  Analyzing your competitors

7 Identifying competitors and categorizing keywords

8    Subjects and executive programs

9   Final delivery of the report

By purchasing the roadmap, you will receive the following items:

1. Presenting the idea for ​​making 40 videos along with the video title, tags, and suitable duration for each video
2. Channel description design
3. Presentation of channel keywords
4. Logo design and channel art for your chosen topic
5. Designing the visual identity of the channel in your chosen topic
6. Providing the best program for the fastest growth:
. time to publish the content
. How to design a thumbnail for your chosen topic
. Providing essential tips for making videos
. Providing essential tips for editing videos

The creative and professional team of Tubers Academy will increase your growth tenfold by relying on high experience, market need analysis, powerful ideation, and coherent planning according to a principled strategy specially designed for you. If you are also looking for quick results on YouTube, apply now to get the road map