Running out of December 2023, YouTube added a new feature: real-time updates on views and likes. The YouTube app is testing a new tweak so that you can see real-time updates on views and likes while you are watching a video.


Recently, YouTube has added a feature in silence; it updates views and likes as viewers are watching a video. The real-time views and likes are updated once a minute.


Although the higher numbers do not appear in a blinking light, it is a pleasurable change. The notification was discovered in August 2023, but there was a problem with the YouTube Android app.


Google announced that for newly uploaded videos, they update the number of views and likes in real-time in the first 24 hours to show how many other users liked the video.


Now, the above-mentioned changes are available on a larger scale. If you sign out or delete your watch history, YouTube will show you recommendations, but they will not be saved.

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