From now on, premium users have access to YouTube Jump Ahead feature so that they can fast-forward the video to the most interesting parts. It is powered by AI.

Smart Skipping with YouTube  Jump Ahead Feature

As you have seen the normal double tap skips ahead 10 seconds; but Jump Ahead skips to the most interesting part based on Ai powered analysis of similar videos.

YouTube Jump Ahead feature

Save Time With Jump Ahead

The new feature is a handy tool for finding the most important part of lengthy YouTube videos. However, it may shorten our attention spans!

YouTube Jump Ahead feature

YouTube “Ask” Feature in Testing

YouTube is also testing the “Ask” feature that lets the audience ask questions about a video through a chat interface.


Try Out the Testing Features

Since Jump Ahead and Ask features are in testing, try them out if you are a YouTube Premium user on Android. You only need to see to see if you have access!

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