An update is made to YouTube's eraser tool:

With the enhanced “Erase Song” option, which YouTube is providing to creators, a copyrighted music can be deleted from a video without impacting any other audio.

Creators can now access an upgraded version of “Erase Song,” which was announced earlier this week and is currently being released. Prior to being made available to all users in beta, the option’s performance wasn’t fantastic, as YouTube notes in a video. This tool’s upgraded version uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract a song from a video without deleting the creator’s voiceover or other audio.

In a nutshell, YouTube says:

Either turn off the disputed song while maintaining other noises, including talking, or turn off all sounds. 

YouTube explains the feature in more detail on a support website, stating that the choice only shows up on videos with audio-only copyright claims. In addition to deleting the music alone, the program has the ability to silence all audio during certain video segments that are subject to copyright claims.

It’s not always simple to remove a specific segment of audio from a final video, as YouTube acknowledges in their disclaimer:

If the song is difficult to erase, this edit might not work. You can attempt additional editing choices, including muting all sound in the claimed portions or clipping off the claimed segments, if this program is unable to successfully remove the claim on a movie. 

Additionally, if the video has received more than 100,000 views, the tool might not function. YouTube notes that processing timeframes “can vary,” which suggests that it might take some time.

“In the coming weeks,” “Erase Song” will be available on YouTube Studio for desktop and mobile users.

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