YouTube Coach Service

YouTube Coach Service can help you boost your channel growth organically with no more trial and error.

Boosting your YouTube income is an amazing but critical journey.

If you have ever made money in dollars, you know how awesome it is!

However, to ace the experience, you need an expert’s guide and roadmap.

Our Coaching service is a reliable and precise roadmap to make money in dollars.

TUBERS helps you achieve your goals as easily as A B C!  You can securely carry the day on your YouTube channel.

In the following, you will learn why you should choose a professional coaching service and how incredibly it can flourish the growth of your YouTube channel.

Process of YouTube Coach Service

Stage 1. Main Prerequisites to Use Professional YouTube Coach Service

First of all, you need to answer the following Yes/No questions and check whether or not all your answers are “Yes“.

  • Are you the owner of a business?
  • Can you invest in a coaching project for your YouTube channel?
  • Do you have enough time and other prerequisites for creating content?

To lay the foundations of coaching, you need to scrupulously check your skills, budget, technical infrastructure, and facilities.

Stage 2. Close a Contract

If you as a YouTube channel owner meet the above-mentioned requirements, Tubers contracts with you.

  • The contract includes financial terms, schedule, and services.

Stage 3. Pick a Topic & Prepare an Itinerary

Now, Tubers designs an itinerary for developing your YouTube channel.

The itinerary consists of:

  • Determining the goals of your YouTube channel
  • Analyzing Competitors
  • Analyzing the audience
  • Creating content
  • Scheduling the videos

Stage 4. SEO Strategies & YouTube Algorithms

Tubers provides powerful SEO Strategies and optimizes channels based on YouTube Algorithms. This stage encompasses keyword analysis, description & tag optimization, and the promotion of your presence in search results.

Stage 5. Craft Professional Scenarios

In stage 5, our admirable adept & pro screenwriters create fascinating and effective scripts for the prepared titles.

Stage 6. Record videos

The only task completed by the channel owner is recording videos. Tubers train you so that you can record the videos as easily as a piece of cake.

Stage 7. Edit Videos

Once you record the video, our editing team cuts and assembles shots, adds visual effects, and optimizes audiovisual quality. The editing phase is done.

Stage 8. YouTube Channel Setting

The administration team customizes the channel setting including:

  • Profile picture
  • Channel Description
  • Playlists
  • Channel SEO
  • Videos and content SEO

Stage 9. Channel Administration

Tubers selects an expert administrator for your YouTube channel. An admin controls the SEO of the videos, engages with the audience, responds to the messages, and replies to the comments.

Stage 10. Constant Monitoring and Optimization

Finally, we constantly monitor your YouTube channel. To promote your channel, this stage includes statistical data analysis, YouTube analytics, unique & powerful strategies, and necessary modifications.

YouTube Coach Service offers:

  • Modifying Channel Settings (SEO Channel) according to the latest updates on YouTube
  • Designing the Visual identity of your YouTube channel (logo, channel art, logo motion, sub button, etc.)
  • Analyzing and monitoring your audience and competitors in your niche.
  • Preparing a particular and unique itinerary by brilliant experts in your niche.
  • Monthly keyword research based on world-class standards
  • Analyzing your competitors and optimizing your channel’s sources
  • Weekly YouTube analytics and presenting the unique approach for your channel’s growth
  • Strategizing the style of the content and your channel’s outlook in six months according to the latest algorithm of YouTube
  • Designing a sandwich approach or hamburger method for attracting more audience to your content
  • Presenting interesting and creative ideas for the audience of your niche to create 12 videos per month
  • Screenwriting 12 ideas following the world’s latest methods
  • Professional editing of 12 videos yours per month
  • Designing 12 thumbnails per month based on YouTube viral system
  • Setting up 12 videos based on the newest algorithm of “Browse” and “Suggestion” features in addition to posting content
  • Daily monitoring and optimization of your channel’s activity based on the newest YouTube methods
  • Uploading four to eight short videos per month (channel owner sends the videos.)
  • Responding to the comments and engaging with the audience
  • Modularizing channel based on YouTube standards

15,000$ a Year to Access Our YouTube Coach Services

Payment Method of YouTube Coach Service

Pay 40% (6,000$) of the total expense simultaneously with binding the contract

Pay the liabilities within nine months (1,000$ per month)

Silver Creator Award & Verification Badge!

Within a year, gain 100k organic subscriptions, get a verification badge, and win the Silver Creator Award.

Beat the Competitors!

Tubers Services are so specialized, hence you can simultaneously have some other achievements such as the Silver Creator Award and Verification Badge within a year.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone!

YouTube verification badge, one of the precious and particular services of Tubers Academy, is offered separately. However, when you use a coaching project, you solve two needs with one single purchase.

Ambition to Get a 100k Subscription!

Once you have 100,000 subscribers, you do not need to spend a fortune for the growth and promotion of your channel anymore. So you can take advantage of a customized strategy and jump on the YouTube Algorithm.

Plenty of Various Subscribers!

At the hand of Tubers Coaching Project, your YouTube channel gains more views and subscriptions at full tilt. Our aim is 100k within a year!

Art of Quality Videos!

We guarantee the high quality of your YouTube content; therefore your audience engages with them more effectively. We provide specialized tutorials, so you can create treasured videos.

Learn Efficient Use of YouTube!

We know YouTube in depth; that is why you can profit from our powerful and particular strategies for your channel’s growth and promotion.

Best Upload Schedules to Get Ads Viewed!

The more views and subscriptions your channel has gained, the more significant income your ads earn.

So owing to Tubers Coach Service, your YouTube channel grows faster and more effectively.