YouTube channel art is the virtual handshake for your presence on the platform, and grabs the viewers’ attention. An ideal size for YouTube Channel Art 2560×1440 is a perfectly tailored outfit to hit the ground running.

YouTube Channel Art 2560x1440

Mastering YouTube Channel Art Size (2560×1440)

Imagine that it is the first time to meet your fiance’s meticulous parents in too big or too small clothes! A poorly designed YouTube Channel Art is that outfit! So, to meet the audience’s aesthetic needs, make sure to have a YouTube Channel Art 2560×1440.

YouTube Channel Art 2560x1440

Why YouTube Channel Art 2560×1440 Is Phi Ratio (Φ)

YouTube channel art 2560×1440 pixels is the golden ratio for optimal viewing on desktops, laptops, and TVs. Why does this specific size reign supreme:

Width (2560 pixels): With a generous 2560 pixels of width, your YouTube channel art has the room for impactful visuals and clear text so that the viewers on expansive desktops can see everything in detail.

Height (1440 pixels): The 1440-pixel height of your YouTube channel art lets you integrate all your branding essentials including your logo, channel name, tagline and call to action so that you can effectively present your channel’s story.

YouTube Channel Art 2560x1440

Safe Zones for YouTube Channel Art (2560×1440) in Every Screen

Safe Zones are the specific area within the YouTube Channel Art (2560×1440) to ensure the vital information is not under the profile pictures and channel buttons on mobile screens. The minimum safe zone of a YouTube Channel Art for text and logos are 1546×426 pixels.

The table below shows the safe zone of a YouTube channel art for various devices:

Device Minimum Dimensions (pixels)
Desktop & Laptop 1080 x 607
Tablet (Landscape) 1536 x 864
Tablet (Portrait) 768 x 1024
iPad (Landscape) 1668 x 1056
iPad (Portrait) 1024 x 768
iPhone 1125 x 2436
Android Phone 1440 x 2560

YouTube Channel Art 2560x1440

Tricks of the Trade for a Perfect YouTube Channel Art (2560×1440)

The following protips help you reach a perfect design:

Dimensional Harmony in YouTube Channel Art

For a seamless viewing experience, pay attention to consistent sizing so that the audience can easily distinguish professionalism.

Color Cohesion in YouTube Channel Art

You need to pick a set of colors which create a unified result. Disharmonious effect is the definite result of choosing colors that feel cumbersome. The colors need to work well together.

Standard Size of Textual Elements

There is no single size for text elements including channel name, tagline, etc. The standard size for texts is readable and balanced. Keep in mind to pick a clear font size for Call to Action.

YouTube Channel Art 2560x1440

Final Word: YouTube Channel Art Size 2560×1440

A proportionally sized YouTube channel banner is an inevitable part of having a YouTube channel. Follow the recommendations above about dimensions so that you can make sure that your YouTube channel art grabs the attention, leads to more engagement and promotes your channel. In the comments section, tell us what you look forward to seeing on TubersMCN‘s Blog?

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