On Thursday, Google said that YouTube users will notice longer but fewer advertisements on TV. The platform found that 79% of its users prefer video adverts that are “grouped instead of distributed throughout a video” for the reason for this. At present, this is limited to long-form content.

Instead of the amount of adverts being shown, viewers will now be able to see how long the advertisement is going to last overall or until they may skip it. These adjustments should be implemented soon by the massive streaming service.

TV Commercials for YouTube Shorts Now Play

YouTube is now bringing TV ads to the site to enable more marketers to reach their customers. This is because, between January and September of 2023, the number of people watching Shorts on TVs increased by 100%.

The brand states that because “viewers can use their TV remote to click away from ads just as they would with any other Short,” “viewer experience for Shorts ads on connected TVs is consistent with mobile.”

These are the upcoming updates to the YouTube TV platform. Although the exact date of the global rollout of these is unknown, it will happen soon enough given the formal announcement.

In a related announcement, viewers can now access YouTube Music’s 2023 Recap. The company said that music lovers can access their personalized 2023 Recap page on the YouTube Music app and browse through their favorite artists, songs, moods, genres, albums, playlists, and more from this year.


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