Get a YouTube Verification Badge

Get Verified Now!

You may have probably craved that small gray badge to validate your YouTube channel! YouTube Verification Badge is an official check mark given to a brand, celebrity, or influencer.

YouTube Verification Badge confirms your identity and raises the reputation of your channel. As a result, the audience recognizes the authenticity of your channel.

You may find it interesting that the YouTube Verification Badge can significantly help you to get verified on Instagram. Therefore, it is a smart way to concurrently gain a good reputation on two platforms.

Although YouTube Verification Badge seems to be an unattainable goal, Tubers is delighted to get the ball rolling! We can help you make that gray badge appear next to your channel’s name.

The Benefits of the YouTube Channel Verification Badge

    • Building Trust with Your Audience

    The Youtube Verification Badge indicates that your channel is official and authentic, so it can make more audiences trust your channel.

    • Increased Level of Attraction

    Verification Badge indicates you are a credible and well-known person so it attracts the most possible subscribers to your YouTube channel.

    • Access to the Advanced Features

    You can have access to Advanced Features of YouTube Verification such as “YouTube Space” which offers studios where Verified Youtubers can free of charge record the videos, use equipment, etc. 

How to Apply for the YouTube Verification Badge

  1. Share your channel’s information with Tubers and we carefully check it out.
  2. Based on your channel’s info, Tubers plans to help you meet the requirements for getting the Verification Badge.
  3. Tubers has an expert team to manage the entire process of getting the Verification Badge for your YouTube channel.
  4. The professional team of Tubers reviews your application and asks for permission to make some changes. Once you make the necessary decisions, we finalize the process.

Refund Policy: We will give you a full refund if we do not succeed in verifying your YouTube channel.