YouTube posed this straightforward query back in April: “Are you getting the most out of your YouTube Premium subscription?” If you missed it, you can now use an improved 1080p version, watch YouTube with friends on Meet Live Sharing, and queue content on phones and tablets.

This complements YouTube’s main services, which include background play, ad-free streaming, and an uninterrupted music experience via the YouTube Music app (which just released several amazing new features, make sure to check them out!).

The YouTube team is thrilled to build on this momentum and share what they’ve been working on with 80 million Premium members and trailers worldwide as of right now:

The YouTube mobile app displays the YouChat function, which allows users to ask questions of an artificial conversational AI: this new experimental conversational AI tool will improve your viewing experience, and starting today, Premium members will be among the first to test it out. Consider this your go-to resource for information that can resolve issues, recommend relevant reading, and much more without interfering with your playing.

Currently, a restricted amount of YouTube Premium subscribers in the US can use Android smartphones to access this feature in English. You can use the tool by hitting “Ask” beneath some movies and starting by asking questions about the video or choosing a suggested prompt if you register quickly for one of the few available seats.

Topics for comments that AI summarized: Additionally, we’re trying to use AI to arrange lengthy comments.

Unlock special discounts and offers from our partners.

Everyone enjoys a good deal, and US-based YouTube Premium subscribers can now view all account information and the latest promos by visiting their Premium perks page. Members can currently take advantage of the following deals:

Genshin Impact in-game loot bundle; three-month trial of Discord Nitro; three-month trial of Walmart+ membership; four-month trial of Calm Premium; three-month trial of PC Game Pass; with possible exclusions. For further information, see the terms of each specific deal.

Improve the quality of your videos on other surfaces

With great delight, we previously revealed our improved bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality for iOS consumers. We formally launched this offering for Android, the Web, and smart TVs to provide even sharper, clearer information after listening to our users loud and clear. Depending on your connection and viewing preferences, this feature is enabled automatically; alternatively, you can enable it from the quality menu. Find out more about our 1080p HD version with an increased bitrate here.


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