The Top 10 Paid and Free YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish for Novice and Intermediate Language Learners

These days, YouTube is among the best (and free) resources for learning Spanish. For Spanish learners, there are tond of fantastic YouTube channels that cover conversation, grammar, and various dialects. The interesting element is that every teacher across the various channels has a unique teaching approach. Additionally, the structure of the videos lets their personalities come through (some are more serious, some are hilarious and engaging). Since most channels release videos once a week, you may truly get to know the teachers you like!

1. Spring Spanish: YouTube Channel for All Levels

Beginner – Advanced // 300+ videos // 5-20 minutes

First things first: Spring Spanish has hundreds of Spanish lessons published over the past few years, and they release several new videos every week featuring five different teachers. Videos covering everything from full beginners to grammar and vocabulary exercises, travel, culture, and everything else associated with Spanish and Latin American culture are included.

The finest aspect? “Conversation Based Chunking” is the setup strategy used throughout the entire channel. We came up with this technique to learn Spanish without having to commit word lists and grammar rules to memory.

2. Butterfly Spanish

Beginner – Advanced // 90+ videos // 10-40 minutes

Excellent channel for learning Spanish, even without considering the host’s vivacious nature. The majority of the films are lengthy and comprehensive, covering a broad range of topics (mostly grammatical and vocabulary-related, though there are also some videos regarding culture)! As previously mentioned, Ana, the host, has a unique teaching method, and the films really bring her personality to life.

YouTube Channels for learning Spanish

You should definitely visit the channel and view any of her videos.

incredibly amusing

3. Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101

Beginner – Advanced // Over 550 episodes // 1-5 minutes, a business that also offers language course subscriptions, is the owner of the channel. They like to bombard you with promotional emails as soon as you sign up for their website, so I advise you to stick with the free items for the time being.

Still, the free content on the YouTube channel is really good!

4. The Spanish Dude

Beginner – Intermediate // 120+ videos // 5-25 minutes

Once more, a fantastic YouTube channel with tons of helpful grammar explanations. This channel’s “Spanish Tidbits” series is quite fascinating; it will teach you a lot about the subtle differences in vocabulary and phrases.

5. Lightspeed Spanish

Beginner – Advanced // 700+ videos // 2-15 minutes

More than 700 vids! Gordon and Cynthia are the hosts of this channel where you can find a ton of helpful stuff.

See the introductory courses, or jump right into the vlog content if you want to learn about Spanish culture and scenery.

If you are interested in learning Spanish from Spain, Gordon and Cynthia could be the ideal persons to assist you in your language quest! This channel is dedicated to Spanish from Spain! 

6. Señor Jordan

Beginner – intermediate // 600+ videos // 2-10 minutes

This is the channel for you if you want to add some humor to your Spanish study. In certain videos, Jordan pulls out puppets and even sings for you while you learn Spanish—you can even learn the language with monkeys!

7. Maria Español

Beginner – intermediate // 500+ videos // 5-60 minutes

A very good channel for Spanish language instruction from Spain. Maria is an excellent educator, possesses remarkable pronunciation, and creates genuinely beneficial videos for learners of Spanish. There isn’t much “entertainment” on this channel because the main focus is on teaching Spanish, but Maria’s videos will teach you a lot!

8. Spanish and Go

Beginner – advanced // 70+ videos // 5-15 minutes

“This channel is for you if you want to learn Spanish and travel,” Jim & May declare in their introductory video.

This excellent YouTube channel will teach you a ton of Spanish while also showcasing some of the best content from Spanish-speaking nations.

9. Español con Juan

Beginner – advanced // 180+ videos // 2-30 minutes

Juan resides in Granada, which is among the most stunning cities in the southern region of Spain, in my opinion. In case you are not acquainted with Spanish geography, that location is in Andalucía, and the locals there have a quite distinct accent 😉.

Top 10 YouTube channels for learning Spanish

But Juan will teach you proper Spanish. Additionally, there are several humorous films regarding Spanish proverbs (Más tonto que un burro? Juan came on site to give a detailed explanation of what it implies.

10. Superholly

Advanced // 180+ videos // 15-30 minutes

Superholly has more than two million subscribers on his massive YouTube channel. She produces movies on a range of subjects in both Spanish and English, and she also has a series of videos dedicated to learning the language.

Once you’re comfortable, move on to watching the general videos in Spanish. Start with those first. She is obviously skilled at what she does, and watching her videos is enjoyable 🙂.

Final Words

Here are 10 YouTube channels that might assist you in learning Spanish quickly. The ideal way to use these Spanish YouTube videos is to combine them with a formal Spanish education that teaches you the basics of vocabulary and grammar.

Keep in mind that Learning Spanish is just one of the Best Topics for YouTube Channel to Boost Your Crowd!

Look them over and let me know which is your favorite in the comments section! Additionally, if you follow any additional channels that I ought to include in this list, do let me know in the comments 🙂.

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