Struggle for the existence on YouTubeYouTube is not a cakewalk at all in 2024! To win the struggle for existence on YouTube, YouTubers need to shrewdly dedicate significant time and effort.

YouTube is an environment for the YouTubers to struggle for their existence in the realm of cracking YouTube’s algorithm and getting seen by the target audience. In the ecosystem of YouTube, only the most adaptable and strategic channels can survive. Discover with TubersMCN how to create YouTube content that goes beyond the click.

The struggle for existence on YouTube mirrors the natural world. To survive, the creators must constantly evolve, crafting engaging content that resonates with their audience and stands out from the ever-growing crowd.

Struggle for the existence

The Struggle for Existence on YouTube

We can directly apply the struggle for existence theory of Charles Darwin to the competitive realm of YouTube. Like an ecosystem, creators fight for survival and success in an environment with limited resources and fierce competition. Let us elaborate how surprisingly the struggle for the existence translates well in the realm of YouTube content creation.

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

The Components of the Struggle for Existence Theory Applied to YouTube

Here is a breakdown to directly apply the struggle for the existence on YouTube:

The Components of the struggle for the existence  Different Aspects of YouTube Channel Growth
Limited Resources Limited Viewer Attention
Competition Competition for Views & Subscribers
Differential Fitness Differential Engagement
Survival of the Fittest Channel Growth & Sustainability
Adaptation and Variation Content Evolution & Audience Adaptation

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

Limited Resources of Viewer Attention

As in nature, creators are looking for resources on the YouTube environment. Viewer attention is that limited resource which they are struggling for. Viewers have finite time to watch videos, and creators compete for a viewer’s long list of “watch later” content.

Competition for Views and Subscribers

Youtube is not a peaceful garden in which any flower of the channels can burgeon, grow and thrive. The realm is a competitive market in which YouTubers compete fiercely for viewers’ attention. The mentioned competition can be many-sided including niche, content quality, SEO, and acting based on the algorithm.

Struggle for the existence

Differential Engagement in the Struggle for Existence 

Since YouTube content is not created equally, only videos resonating the most with YouTube viewers can survive; that is why there is a differential engagement. The following qualities are why some videos are the fittest to survive:

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

Survival of the Fittest Channel

“Fittest” channels in the YouTube ecosystem:

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

Evolution of Content Creation in the Struggle for Existence on YouTube 

Since YouTube has a dynamic environment changing constantly, successful channels evolve their content compatible with new trends and viewer preferences. Simply put, they tend to:

The key to survive on the struggle for the existence on YouTube is to adapt, innovate, and strive for viewers’ attention.

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

The Evolution of YouTube Algorithm Based on Darwin’s Theory

Here is a breakdown to explain the evolution of the YouTube algorithm with Darwin’s theory:

Videos Are Organisms in Darwin’s Theory

Unique characteristics of videos including length, content genre, thumbnail, title, etc. How viewers engage i.e. their watch time, comments, and shares is influenced by these characteristics.

YouTube is the Environment in Darwin’s Theory 

The goal of the YouTube environment is reaching the audience and keeping them engaged to watch more.

Algorithm Is the Selection Process in Darwin’s Theory

YouTube algorithm promotes videos with higher engagement. In other words, the algorithm selects which content to appear in recommendations, search results, etc and to survive.

The videos with more engagement provide data for the algorithm to learn from. So the videos with less views need struggling to survive.

Variations Are the Mutations in Darwin’s Theory

Once the creators are ever-experimenting with video formats, thumbnails, and titles just like the mutations in genes. Those variations being suited better with viewers, lead to higher engagement.

The Algorithm Adapts

The algorithm learns from user reactions to detect the features that keep users engaged. That is how the video ecosystem on YouTube is shaped.

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

Natural Selection YouTube Algorithm
Stronger organism being thrived Videos with high engagement getting promoted
Environment favoring the traits for survival Algorithm favoring the characteristics for user retention
Ongoing process of evolution Ongoing process of YouTube evolution 
Adaptation of the organisms to environment Adaptation of video styles adapt favoring user preferences

Struggle for the existence on YouTube

Bottom Line: the Struggle for Existence on YouTube 

The YouTube environment is a competitive marketplace. In this environment, YouTubers are on the struggle for existence so that they can reach the audience. Now you understand the ecosystem of this platform, you can adapt your content survive. So, grab your camera, unleash your creativity, and embark on your YouTube adventure! Never ever be afraid to experiment!

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