Building a devoted following is a prerequisite before you can even consider making money off of your material. It’s interesting to note that CGE advises live broadcasters to establish a following outside of YouTube before going live.

“And that was always my focus, not millions and millions of views,” explains CGE. “The community was always devoted and close-knit. Having support from the community is beneficial for many things on YouTube.”

Joining a community gives you access to an audience that is already interested in your chosen subject. Therefore, CGE advises three things before you begin steaming:

1. Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About

Creating a YouTube channel around your passion can help you connect with the proper kind of audience. What then is your thing? Is it a Zelda game? Growing peanuts? Dancing ballet? It helps no matter what you’re doing if you have a complete obsession with the subject.

2. Become a Member of That Topic Community

Once you’ve determined what your passion is, seek out groups of like-minded individuals. To locate your tribe, look through platforms like Discord, Twitter, and other Facebook groups. But once you’re there, CGE advises you to establish genuine connections and interact with others.

“Don’t even think about your channel,” replies the man. “Be involved in the community for the sake of being involved.”

3. Create Your Own Group to Make a Difference

When you become well-known inside a group, it’s time to establish your own venture. Make an online community that complements your YouTube channel and area of interest, ideally not on YouTube. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or another network might be that.

If you take care of that audience, you’ll eventually start to become unique in your area. This gives potential viewers of your channel another location to find you.

For instance, CGE organized “Spyro Community Day” on Twitter as a way to network and take the conversation beyond of YouTube.

4. Stream 1-2 Times Every Week

When you’re ready to start streaming, CGE advises going live only sometimes rather than every day. You have to allow people to miss you, after all. This sustains the momentum on your channel and increases interest in your material.

“People then realize, ‘Hey, I want to tune into that because it’s not like he streams every day. I want to see him live, and he only streams on Thursdays and Fridays,” CGE says.


5. Advertise on Your Social Media Platforms

CGE advises you to promote other online communities you’ve established in each webcast. Tell them to follow your Twitch, TikTok, or Twitter, especially if that content fits with your streams. It’s an excellent strategy to increase involvement.

Imagine, for instance, what would occur if:

People from YouTube come to see your Twitter.

The same individuals increase the reach of your tweets by responding to them.

Twitter helps new viewers find your channel by spreading those tweets to a larger audience.

It’s really probable that a percentage of those individuals will discover your livestreams and choose to watch them. Once you run this cycle a few times, more people watch your broadcast.

6. Determine the Amount Done for Every Livestream

You’re more likely to succeed merely by putting your goals in writing, did you know that? CGE achieves this by giving each stream a financial target. He encourages more people to donate by using a visible donation progress indicator! Usually, viewers can purchase Super Chats for $1–$500, which allow them to place a message of their choice at the top of the live chat window.

“Everyone can see that the monthly rent is the purpose of the donation bar I placed at the bottom. The value is $1,800. Every month, the bar is filled nine times out of ten, according to CGE.

To receive Super Chats, you must be enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program, so get to work on

7. Clearly state where the money is going.

After deciding on a donation target, explain to the audience how you plan to use the funds. Are you purchasing brand-new photography gear? Are you relocating to a new city and need help? If you be as open and honest as you can, people will honor your request.

“For example, when my son was born, the donation bar said rent, and in brackets, it also said, ‘And diapers,'” stated CGE. “Because diapers are expensive, right?”

8. Take into Account a Bonus Donation Bar

Suppose that because of their high level of engagement, your viewers surpass the first deadline and donate the desired amount. What takes place after that? Should you make a new objective or cease taking donations?

“When the bar is filled, and let’s say there’s still two streams left, I just call it the Bonus Bar,” says CGE. “I’ve been streaming for five years, and there were only three or four times the bar didn’t get filled.”

Your Blueprint Condensed: A Guide to Making Money from Live Streams

In summary, the following is the strategy to follow if you want to become a successful YouTube live streamer:

Although they are easy stages, they need commitment, perseverance, and a strong focus on community building. Recall that the goal is to create a community that will assist you on your path, not just get views or earn money.

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