What do you need to get monetized on YouTube? We will explore how Schopenhauer, the philosopher, overcame his pessimism about YouTube monetization requirements.

YouTube monetization requirements

No one can expect Arthur Schopenhauer to create a YouTube channel to become a Philo-Youtuber in the exciting world of YouTube. The man who has compared life to a “vale of tears” waiting for the Analytics dashboard of his content “The World as Will and Representation Explained (For the Modern Mind).”

Although Schopenhauer’s video was definitely unique, he could not have enough engagement on YouTube with complex philosophical concepts.

He concluded that his YouTube content is not going to earn not only 4,000-hour watch time, an inevitable requirement for YouTube monetization but also Subscribers count is less than enough.

YouTube monetization requirements

Learn from Schopenhauer’s Mistakes in His Journey to YouTube Monetization Requirements

Like Schopenhauer essays, his YouTube channel’s growth was stuck and apathy swallowed Schopenhauer! However, he ultimately could delve into the barriers to YouTube monetization requirements.

In a hypothetical situation, Arthur Schopenhauer, the 19th-century philosopher, made some potential mistakes on his way to YouTube monetization requirements including:

1. Inconsistency in Uploading the YouTube Videos

Since Schopenhauer was deeply contemplating the philosophical concepts, he could not prioritize having a consistent upload schedule. As a result, the viewers unsubscribed his channel. Hence how much hours needed for youtube monetization could not be met by his YouTube channel.

2. Low Amount of Engagement

Schopenhauer’s complex essays were not understandable as he presented them in an academic manner which was not engaging.That is why his community could not grow to meet youtube monetization requirements; what are the criteria for youtube monetization? At least 1,000 subscribers.

3. What do you need to become monetized on youtube? It is not Overlooking SEO!

Any YouTuber including our Philotuber needs to focus on optimizing their YouTube videos for search, so the audience can discover the content which is essential for promoting the channel.

4. Niche Content and Audience Growth

Schopenhauer was dedicated to creating unique content for a niche audience, but he had limited the potential viewership. That is why the YouTube Partner Program did monetize his channel.

5. What do you need to become monetized on YouTube? Monetization Strategy

Schopenhauer neglected alternative monetization strategies like merchandise, sponsorships, or premium content accessible through paid subscriptions which could provide additional income streams.

YouTube monetization requirements

It is noteworthy that in our imaginary scenario, although Schopenhauer could not initially meet YouTube monetization requirements, it is a common challenge among current creators who are adapting niche content like philosophy for YouTube to meet monetization requirements.

In other words, his initial failure was not only due to his mistakes; to cap it all, the niche nature of his YouTube videos were an extra load.

YouTube monetization requirements

Embracing Authenticity Was How Schopenhauer Found YouTube Monetization Requirements

However, the 19th century philoyoutuber could achieve what he deserved. When Schopenhauer accepted that his personality could not gain the general audience, he focused on strategies to satisfy his small niche audience who craved the intellectual stimulation he offered. He could create engaging content and meet YouTube monetization requirements:

After months of effort and fixing the initial errors, he received that long-awaited notifying him of his acceptance into the YouTube Partner Program.

Schopenhauer’s journey shows that success on YouTube is not about chasing fleeting trends. It is about authenticity, about finding your niche, and an audience resonating with your unique voice.

YouTube monetization requirements

YouTube Monetization Requirements: Final Word

In case you are a YouTuber with a unique voice and a limited audience, take inspiration from imaginary Schopenhauer! You can meet YouTube monetization requirements by prioritizing niche content, audience engagement, and discoverability.

Although Schopenhauer’s growth was slow, he did not give up so that he could build a loyal community of viewers drawn to his unique perspective and genuine passion for philosophical concepts. The watch time increased gradually and he could make an impact on his audience and meet YouTube monetization requirements. We highly recommend it to read YouTube Monetization: Latest Info for 2024

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