YouTube comedy clips

Philosophical analysis of YouTube Comedy Clips and why they are one of the most popular content almost on every multimedia-sharing platform.

In this article, we are going to deep dive into the philosophical analysis of YouTube comedy clips and how they have become one of the most popular niches on almost all content-sharing platforms.

YouTube comedy clips

Decoding the Laughs: YouTube Comedy Clips Through the Superiority Theory

Based on the superiority theory of humor, we find YouTube comedy clips funny because they make us feel superior to others. This feeling of superiority can be rooted in a variety of different things, and it triggers a sense of amusement and satisfaction. We might laugh at a character’s misfortune or a silly situation because it subconsciously conveys the feeling that we are much better off.

FailArmy is a successful example of the unveiling of the superiority theory of humor in YouTube comedy clips. Of course, it reminds us of the subjective essence of comedy as some users do not find such YouTube content funny!

Comedy on YouTube

YouTube Comedy Clips Through the Lens of Incongruity Theory

According to the Incongruity theory, YouTube comedy clips are funny because they break expectations. There are different types of Incongruity that make us laugh and some channels that publish YouTube comedy clips relying on Incongruity theory include Jackass, College Humour, etc.

Five Types of Incongruity in the YouTube Comedy Clips

  1. Logical Incongruity in YouTube Comedy Clips: Jokes that rely on wordplay, unexpected twists, or nonsensical situations (e.g., “Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!”).
  2. Visual Incongruity of Comedy on YouTube: Caricatures are a good example of visual Incongruity of humor. Similar to this, when we do not expect mismatched appearances, or impossible situations (e.g., a clown as a president, a tiny mouse pulling a giant lion).
  3. Situational Incongruity of Comedy on YouTube: Many years ago, brides always chose to wear high heels; if a bride showed up wearing sneakers, everybody would laugh at such a sudden shift in the expected course of events. So, humor is intertwined with time and place too.
  4. Social Incongruity of Comedy on YouTube: Breaking social norms or expectations (e.g., kissing a serious teacher with a silly act) is included in social Incongruity of humor.
  5. Behavioral Incongruity of Comedy on YouTube: Mismatching between what someone says and what they do (e.g., a farsighted with no glasses as an ophthalmologist instructor).

YouTube comedy clips

Comedy on YouTube and Relief Theory

According to Relief Theory, laughter can also root in releasing our tensions or anxieties, and YouTube comedy clips that can humorously touch on sensitive topics allow us to confront these feelings as a catharsis.

How Social Bonding Theory Explains Comedy on YouTube

Social Bonding Theory suggests that humor can bring people together by employing Shared laughter so that people can have a sense of connection and social bonds. Understanding the humor of comedy clips conveys that we are on the same page culturally leading to a sense of belonging and in-group feeling.

Comedy on YouTube

Comedy on YouTube Is Popular 

Comedy on YouTube is one of the best topics for YouTube channel. It can act as a magnet to hook users as people love to spread laughter, and if comedy clips are truly hilarious, they can go viral and reach an audience worldwide.

Final Words: YouTube Comedy Clips 

Creating YouTube comedy clips is a win-win. It can reach viewers, engage them, and make them show up for more. So it helps creators build a strong community to reach new audiences. Finally, their channel is monetized and they can experience cashing in YouTube income. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

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