How to turn off youtube shorts

Similar to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts are growing in popularity. Shorts aren’t for everyone, though; in fact, some users could find them annoying when using the site, so it’s favorable to learn How To Say Goodbye to YouTube Shorts.

Thankfully, both the YouTube website and the YouTube app make how to turn off youtube shorts simple. We can all agree that short-form content is a great tool for businesses trying to increase user retention because it takes up a lot of the user’s time. Because of this, YouTube does not allow you to immediately turn off youtube shorts; however, there is a workaround available. However, let’s first go over some important information before going to how to turn off youtube shorts.

1. Tube Settings Adjustments to Turn Off Youtube Shorts

One of the simplest how to turn off youtube shorts from the app is to do this. The problem is that this strategy depends on your demographic, so it could not work in your area. Still, there’s nothing wrong with reviewing your YouTube settings. To learn how to turn off youtube shorts take the actions listed below.

Note: The parameters necessary for us to illustrate with pictures are not accessible.


Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your iOS or Android smartphone, then hit the upper right corner of your profile avatar.

Step 2: Select Settings by swiping down. Navigate to General from the Settings panel.

Step 3: Restart the YouTube app after turning off the Shorts option. 

That is all. The Shorts section will be permanently deactivated when you reopen the YouTube app on your device. However, as previously said, this could only be accessible to a select few. Go on to the next technique if you are unable to locate the option under YouTube Settings.


2. How to Turn Off Youtube Shorts by Designing as Uninteresting

Marking YouTube shorts as Not interested is one of the simplest methods for how to turn off youtube shorts from the mobile app on your smartphone. Though they will remain hidden until you explore, watch, and exit the YouTube app, the Shorts videos will still be there. 

Note: For it to function, you must indicate that you are not interested in each suggested YouTube video.

Step 1: Play any preferred video on your Android or iOS smartphone by opening the YouTube app.

Step 2: After the film begins playing, scroll down to view the Shorts section.

Step 3: Tap the three-dot symbol located in the Shorts video’s upper-right corner. Choose the “Not interested” option from the menu.


3. Use YouTube in Your Browser for How to Turn Off YouTube Shorts

A few months ago, YouTube did not have the Shorts category on their online version. However, they just added it. It’s getting more difficult how to turn off youtube shorts, apparently.

This is still an effective strategy, and you may browse without being bothered with YouTube Shorts films once you cancel the suggested video. Take the actions listed below.

Step 1: Go to YouTube on your Android or iOS smartphone by opening your favorite browser. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the page after it has loaded.

Note: For the sake of this example, Google Chrome will be used.

Step 2: Choose Desktop site from the drop-down option. YouTube will now refresh as a desktop website.

Step 3: Click the X (cross mark) in the corner of the Shorts section on the main screen. 

You’re done there. For now, there are no further Shorts suggestions available to you. It’s vital to remember that YouTube has a Shorts option where users may see additional content. Proceed to the following technique if you feel that this is insufficient how to turn off youtube shorts from the web.


4. Use an Extension to Turn Off YouTube Shorts from the PC

If you prefer not to view Shorts material but consume the most of your content on PCs? Numerous browser extensions may be found for how to turn off youtube shorts.

  1. For browsers based on the Chromium platform (Google Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc.)

You can learn how to turn off youtube shorts using a number of extensions if you use a Chromium-based browser:

– Hide YouTube Shorts: This add-on is made expressly to prevent Shorts from appearing while you browse YouTube. You may enjoy a YouTube that is free of Shorts on your PC thanks to its thorough filtering of Shorts material.

– YouTube-Shorts Block: By blocking Shorts videos, this plugin keeps them from showing up on your YouTube channel. It provides a smooth method for how to turn off youtube shorts from your web browsing.

– ShortsBlocker: ShortsBlocker is an additional YouTube addon that eases how to turn off youtube shorts on the YouTube desktop version. It offers a productive method for how to turn off youtube shorts


5. Turn Off YouTube Shorts by Downgrading the Android YouTube App

It is a dependable method of going back to the previous iteration of the YouTube app that was preinstalled on your Android device and lacked the Shorts menu and suggestion.

Note: This only functions if the YouTube version on your Android device—or if it came with it—is older than the one that included Shorts (14.13.54).

First step: To access the App Info, long-press the YouTube app. On the App info screen, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.Step 2: Choose Uninstall updates from the drop-down menu.That’s it for you. On your phone, you have restored the older YouTube content. Even if the YouTube app asks, don’t update it.


FAQS About How to Turn Off YouTube Shorts

  1. how to turn off youtube shorts?

Go to the YouTube app, tap your profile picture in the top corner of the screen, choose Settings from the drop-down menu, scroll down to the “History & privacy” section, tap History, and then toggle off the switch next to YouTube Shorts to stop Shorts from showing in your viewing history.

  1. How to stop youtube shorts addiction?

Because YouTube Shorts are meant to be brief and interesting, viewers are encouraged to spend more time browsing through their feeds and find them to be addicting. Set app limitations on your iPhone or Android device if you believe that your consuming habits are harming your mental health or if you spend too much time on YouTube.

  1. How will turning off YouTube Shorts impact my entire YouTube experience?

Indeed, turning off YouTube Shorts will significantly affect how you use the platform as a whole. It drastically lowers or eliminates Shorts videos from search results, subscriptions, and your suggested feed. This may reduce the variety of information you see and perhaps change the suggestions that are tailored to you.

  1. How to stop youtube shorts from showing?

No, there isn’t a clear way to exclude YouTube Shorts from search results on YouTube. Try utilizing particular search parameters or phrases in your query to cut down the results if you want to exclude YouTube Shorts from the search results.

  1. Is it possible for me to report or offer comments on YouTube Shorts?

YouTube invites users to share their thoughts about the service. To report or offer feedback on YouTube Shorts, just long-press the video and search for the feedback or report options on the YouTube website or mobile app. This will allow you to share your ideas, worries, and suggestions with the community.

You may have a more concentrated YouTube viewing experience by learning how to turn off youtube shorts, which is a really easy process. Turning off Shorts is a great choice if you want to conserve bandwidth or stay away from irrelevant stuff. Furthermore, turning off Shorts has no effect on other YouTube services.

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