An inevitable part of YouTube is its Shorts! However, you may prefer not to have these addictive types of content to appear on your screen. That is probably why you are here to learn how to remove them.

Although it is the only solution, there are also some tricks to temporarily get rid of them. Let us learn how to remove Shorts without beating around the bushes.


How to Make Shorts Go Away for 30 days on Smartphones

A simple idea is to use the web browsers on your cell phone rather than the official app.

  1. Open a web browser on your device,
  2. Go to,
  3. Log into your Google account,
  4. Find the Shorts section on homepage,
  5. Select the X icon in the upper right corner,
  6. Shorts are gone for 30 days.

You need to do the process over every 30 days!

How to Get Rid of Shorts on YouTube’s Desktop Site

You need to take the same mentioned steps.

How to Permanently Remove Shorts on Android

  1. Uninstall the updates on your YouTube app,
  2. If your version is higher than 14.13.54, you need to uninstall the app,
  3. Download 14.13.54 version of YouTube and install it
  4. Ta-da! They will not pop up anymore!


TubersMCN appreciates any comments and suggestions. We would like to answer your  questions about YouTube. Let us know which of the mentioned solutions is your preferred one? Also read How to Turn Off YouTube Shorts to Save More Time!

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