Healthy eating youtube channels videos are a great resource if you want to start cooking in your own kitchen and improve your diet.

Healthy eating YouTube channels


1. HealthNut Nutrition: Healthy Eating YouTube Channels

Not sure where to begin? Discover some incredible, healthful culinary healthy eating youtube channels by reading on (pro-tip: subscribe to each channel to build a healthy YouTube feed!). Cooking at home tends to result in healthier eating habits, according to research from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The best healthy hacks are here, brought to you by Nikole from HealthNut Nutrition: time-saving meal prep tricks, baking, cooking, and snack hacks.

Nikole will help you step up your game in the kitchen quickly, from meal planning to refrigerator organization.


2. Sweet Potato Soul: Top Mental Health YouTube Channels

The moniker Sweet Potato Soul comes from Jenne’s love of all things sweet potato—she is a vegan chef. She’s got a cookbook full of veganized soul cuisine and YouTube playlists with ideas for everyday easy meals like Buddha Bowls.

Vegan on a Budget, How to Go Vegan, and more useful series are available on her healthy eating youtube channels. She also offers free meal prep guidelines in her weekly emails.

 YouTube channels about health

3. Nikki Vegan: Healthy Eating YouTube Channels

Nicole curates the most comprehensive healthy eating YouTube channels with simple vegan dishes and recipes. To help inspire real-life vegan alternatives, she does grocery hauls, What I Eat in a Day, and Easy on the Go Lunches.

For your convenience, Nikki Vegan even offers a playlist of healthy vegan comfort food so you may satisfy your desires for mac & cheese.

4. Pick Up Limes: How YouTube Affects Mental Health

Pick Up Limes is a plant-based food and lifestyle channel with a very peaceful, contemplative feel, and Sadia is the driving force behind it.

This cooking channel covers a wide range of topics, including How to Stop Binge Eating, Late Night Cravings, and Maintaining Motivation to Eat Healthily.

5. Eat Move Rest: Mental Health YouTube Channels

At Eat Move Rest, Erin and Dusty share family-friendly lifestyle and healthy eating advice. They have two little children and a ton of films on their family’s diet and how they instill healthy eating habits in their children.

They share their weekly go-to clean dinner recipes, offer advice on how to keep all your fruits and veggies fresh and begin each day with a vibrant green smoothie.

6. Clean and Delicious: Healthy Eating YouTube Channels

Dani, the creator of the healthy eating YouTube channel Clean and Delicious, has a background in holistic health and wellbeing. Both an Introduction to Clean Eating and an Intuitive Eating series are available on the channel.

7. Mind Over Munch: YouTube Channels About Health

At Mind Over Munch, where she is reinventing healthy eating by eschewing labels and fad diets, Alyssia adds a ton of personality. Her food liberation series offers advice on mending your relationship with food.

Recipes for Keto, Low Carb, and Vegetarian diets, as well as entertaining ideas like Bento Box Lunches and How to Be Healthy on a Budget, may be found in the playlists.

Would you want to learn more about reconciling with food? See How to Develop a Healthier Connection with Food.

 YouTube channels about health

8. The Happy Pear: Mental hHealth YouTubers

At The Happy Pear, Dave and Steve emphasize a whole food plant-based diet that they refer to as a virtual cookbook.

They have a large range of nutritious culinary content, such as 5 Minute Dinners and a series of “How to Make” recipes for items like sorbet, sourdough bread, and hummus. You’ll be forced to reevaluate your entire conception of healthy eating after tasting their 5-ingredient chocolate lava cake.

9. Healthy Grocery Girl: Mental Health Channels

Megan is the creator of Healthy Grocery Girl and a certified dietitian nutritionist. Her goal is to make healthy eating easy for busy families that don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen by providing them with playlists like “Yummy in a Hurry.”

To help you stay prepared and organized, she creates tutorials for grocery hauls and healthy freezer staples. There are recipes on the channel for every meal of the day, including breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks.

Healthy eating YouTube channel

10. Downshiftology: YouTubers That Talk About Mental Health

At Downshiftology, Lisa offers us a novel approach to simplicity by emphasizing natural, seasonal ingredients. To help you eat by the season, she has put up playlists. Since she doesn’t eat gluten, the majority of her dishes do too.

With options for Vegetarian, Keto, Whole30, Paleo, and Vegan diets as well as a playlist titled “Healthy Basics,” Downshiftology offers something for everyone.

Final Words 

In conclusion, healthy eating YouTube channels offer a wealth of valuable resources, empowering individuals to make informed choices about their diet and lifestyle. By providing engaging content, practical tips, and delicious recipes, these channels inspire viewers to embark on a journey towards improved well-being. Whether it’s exploring new cooking techniques, learning about nutrition science, or simply finding motivation to adopt healthier habits, these channels serve as virtual guides on the path to a balanced and nourishing lifestyle. With their growing popularity and influence, they continue to shape the way we approach food, fostering a community committed to making healthier choices and embracing the joy of nutritious eating.

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