Wondering what the first YouTube logo looked like? TubersMCN delves into the logo’s journey in the past two decades. See YouTube’s visual identity over the time. What did the first youtube logo look like?

First YouTube logo What did the first youtube logo look like


The Birth of First YouTube Logo in 2005

Although designing the first YouTube logo was based on the minimalist approach, the 2005 logo was quite distinct from the current one.

What Was the Old YouTube Logo?

It consisted of a black capitalized “You” on a white background and a white capitalized “Tube” on a red background.

First YouTube logo

The Color Psychology of First YouTube Logo

To examine the possible influence of the first YouTube logo, let us analyze its color psychology.

The Minimalist Approach to Designing the First YouTube Logo 

The key influence of minimalism not only in designing the first YouTube logo but also any other ones is definitely memorability. Here is a breakdown of minimal logo of the giant video platform:

First YouTube Logo

The Subtle Refinement of YouTube Logo in 2011 & 2013

In 2011, the user interface of YouTube had a major change, but the logo did not face a drastic one. However, the glossy gradient of red rectangle was toned down as you can see in the image:


First YouTube logo

Then in 2013, the logo became more minimal; the new one was two-dimensional and the light red rectangle came back.

And before the revolutionary overhaul of the First YouTube logo, the choice of the deeper red could project a more mature identity of the brand in 2015.

First YouTube Logo

Who Designed First YouTube Logo in 2005?

The most likely scenario is that Chad Hurley has designed the first YouTube logo in 2005, one of the three co-founders of YouTube along with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Hurley had studied Design at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

First YouTube Logo

When Did the YouTube Logo Change?

“YouTube Sans” was redesigned in 2017 to reflect YouTube’s adaptation to phones. Logo is now more flexible to use on different devices.

The Anatomy of Current YouTube Logo: The designers of YouTube Sans were inspired by the red play button. Rounded corners can echo the shape of a button.

Who Designed the YouTube Logo in 2017?

The designers of the current YouTube logo are the branding agency Saffron, Letterjuice and URW++ type which drastically evolved YouTube logo in 2017.


First YouTube Logo

Final Word: YouTube Will Not Press the Pause Button

YouTube logo went through subtle refinements over the years until it had a turning point in 2017 to reflect the mobile-friendly nature of the platform in an ever-changing world. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section so that TubersMCN can help you in the realm of YouTube content creation including YouTube graphic design services. 

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