YouTube Jump Ahead Feature Is Wonderful!

YouTube jump ahead feature

From now on, premium users have access to YouTube Jump Ahead feature so that they can fast-forward the video to the most interesting parts. It is powered by AI. Smart Skipping with YouTube¬† Jump Ahead Feature As you have seen the normal double tap skips ahead 10 seconds; but Jump Ahead skips to the most […]

YouTube will start tagging “realistic” artificial intelligence video

YouTube will soon need videos with artificial intelligence-generated content that might deceive viewers to provide a disclaimer. Technically modified video that could deceive viewers and “pose a serious risk of egregious harm” has long been forbidden on the Google-owned platform. However, YouTube will now require artists to put labels when they upload anything that contains […]

Launching the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer breaks a 24-hour record on YouTube

“GTA VI Trailer 1” has broken the record for most views in 24 hours for a non-music video, with over 93 million views in only one day.1. The series has become a cultural phenomenon thanks largely to the contributions of the YouTube gaming community. Millions of fans have experienced the games as brought to life […]