Can I Read Books on YouTube without Copyright

“Can I read books on YouTube without Copyright and become a BookTuber!?” You are wondering. TubersMCN‘s guide explains how to legally run a BookTube channel.


Can I Read Books on YouTube without Copyright

Is Reading a Book on YouTube Copyright Infringement?

You may be interested in having a cozy YouTube channel, curling up on your comfortable couch, and sharing your passion for reading; but is it a copyright violation to read a book on YouTube? It is a difficult question to answer due to the subjective essence of Copyright. That is why you should hold on a sec before hitting the record button to read books aloud. 

Book and Ebook Copyright Protection for BookTubers

Since published books are intellectual properties, their copyright belongs to the author or publisher; they control the distribution. If you are going to read the whole book, you need to pay attention to “public performance” which is a part of copyright and it might be a book copyright infringement, however you can find legal solutions to become a BookTuber. 

Youtube Copyright Rules Fair Use

There is a legal trapdoor called “fair use” allowing the use of copyrighted books for criticism, commentary, or education; it is noteworthy that YouTube copyright rules for use are “limited.” 

Book Review on YouTube

Here are some examples of fair use YouTube ideas for BookTubers:

BookTubers can review books, analyze the plot, theme, genre, characters, and also express their own opinion.

Book YouTubers can read book excerpts of the Public Domain. Many Books have entered the Public Domain.


Can I Read Books on YouTube without Copyright

Can I Read Books on YouTube without Copyright?

You can not only read audiobooks when you have permission from the copyright holder, but also when the books are in Public Domain.

Reach out to the copyright holder of the book (author or publisher) not to fall under book copyright infringement cases. Some authors are open and happy to collaborate for promotion! In case you cannot get the permission, there are some copyright-safe examples of fair use Youtube:

Focus on Analysis! Is it legal to review a book on YouTube? Yes! If you choose to focus on insightful  reviews rather than reading, you are creating original content and that is not infringing ebook copyright laws.

Stick to Public Domain Books! Classics are copyright-free and you can read them aloud on YouTube. Project Gutenberg is a precious source of copyright-expired books.


Can I Read Books on YouTube without Copyright

What Happens if Your Video Gets Copyrighted on Youtube?

If you are the copyright holder of a book and you claim a BookTuber’s content copyright, you cannot necessarily take it down. You may choose to block the content in some areas, make money from ads on it, or take no action.

However, a more serious issue by you is copyright strike. Simply put, you choose to remove the video and their channel gets a mark against it. Three strikes within 90 days terminate their channel entirely.


Book review on YouTube

Is Reading a Book on YouTube Copyright Infringement?

Absolutely! Unless the book is in the public domain. 

Sometimes copyright holders use ebook copyright disclaimer to inform the readers. Here is a few examples:

Book Copyright Infringement Cases on YouTube

Book Copyright Infringement Cases on YouTube include:


Can I Read Books on YouTube without Copyright Book review on YouTube

How Does YouTube Get Away with Copyright infringement for Books?

Since YouTube follows Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which is a law that protects YouTube and other online platforms from liability for copyright infringement by their users, the copyright owner is responsible to notify YouTube of any infringing content.

YouTube also has a Content ID system to help copyright holders protect copyrighted content and it does not actively police infringement.


Final Word: Book Copyright Infringement

“The answer to the question :can I read books on youtube without copyright? is conditionally yes!” When you are going to safely run a BookTube channel, you need to know how to safely create audiobooks, commentaries, literary criticisms, etc.

Also as a Copyright holder, to protect your creative work, you should learn about the ebook copyright laws. As a Copyright holder, these laws safeguard your ebook and you can take action if necessary.


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