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Best Couple YouTubers to Get Inspired by

Partnerships can be blissful. Relationship turmoil is possible. It’s also fascinating to see the development of other people’s relationships. It makes sense that couples on TV offer such captivating reality shows.

It’s also entertaining to watch the intricacies of other couples on YouTube. They appear to be smitten with one another at one point. Then, they are openly discussing the struggles they face on a daily basis. It’s always amazing to see how a couple on YouTube functions within.

TubersMCN chose to delve further into current YouTube trends as Valentine’s Day drew near, and you can probably guess what we discovered? A staggering 1,500 channels were abuzz with talk of Valentine’s Day between January 1st and February 5th, garnering an astounding 52,000,000 views.

Couple on YouTube

Kara and Nate: Vlogging Couple on YouTube

3.7 million people have subscribed to Kara and Nate’s voyage across the world. Their 2016 spontaneous decision to take a year off and travel turned into an incredible four-year journey that culminated in them setting foot in their 100th country by the end of 2019, as their documentary demonstrates. But when the pandemic stopped allowing them to travel abroad, they adjusted by moving into a van and traveling the country for two years in their comfortable mobile home.

With an astounding 14 million views on their film WE LIVED IN A $650,000 EARTHROAMER, it further increased the popularity of the Vlogging couple. Now that they’ve returned to living on the road with their bags, Kara and Nate are searching the globe for fresh adventures and intriguing stories.

Couple on YouTube

Rose and Rosie: LGBT Couple on YouTube

A gay couple from Britain named Rose and Rosie talk about their struggles, adventures, and day-to-day experiences. This duo has amassed an enormous fan base with a whooping 1 million followers thanks to their trip vlogs, challenges, Q&A sessions, and more.

Best Friends and Surf Shark are their sponsors. Watch their most well-known video, SUPERKISS PART 2, from ten years ago as they attempt the longest kiss possible without splitting their lips, known as a superkiss.

Couple YouTubers

Andy and Michelle: TikTok Couple on YouTube!

Three years ago, Andy and Michelle triumphantly declared, “WE FINALLY MADE IT!” when they launched their YouTube channel. Motivated by their enormous 7.3 million-fan TikTok fan base, they agreed to attempt YouTube at the behest of their fans.

They like to post longer vlogs, announcements, and challenges on YouTube, while their TikTok features humorous sketches. With 416,000 views, their most popular video, “FIRE NOODLE CHALLENGE | Q&A | Andy and Michelle,” showed the couple eating Korean Buldak noodles and responding to spicily asked questions. Viewers loved their promotion of the Disney computer game Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Couple YouTubers

‍Austin McBroom and Katherine McBroom: Happy Couple YouTubers

It seems likely that you have been living under a rock if you are unfamiliar with The ACE Family. The team is made up of professional basketball player Austin McBroom and his spouse Catherine McBroom. Ellie, Alia, and Steel, their three kids, make up a fantastic YouTube channel that’s worth watching in one sitting.

Other than that, one of the most well-liked couples on YouTube is arguably Austin and Katherine. They got engaged the year after they launched their channel in 2016. They presently have over 18 million subscribers to their channel because their relationship has been so popular with viewers. They now rank among the most popular couples on YouTube because of this.

At first, Austin and Catherine only posted jokes and silly challenges to YouTube.

Interracial couple on YouTube

Slice n Rice: Interracial Couple YouTubers

If you watched a lot of YouTube content between 2015 and 2018, chances are good that you were already aware of the couple YouTubers, Slice n Rice.

They are among the greatest Interracial couples on YouTube, both then and now. To honor their African and Korean cultures, Matthew “Slice” and Glory “Rice” even got really creative with their nicknames.

However, it’s not the only way they’re adhering to their heritage. There are a ton of videos on their channel where Glory exposes Matthew to Korean cuisine, culture, and music and watches him react.

In a similar vein, Gloria is shown being introduced to African culture in numerous videos. They also referred to their subscribers as “Ninjas” with affection.

Queen Naija and Clarence White: Royal Couple YouTubers

Another well-known couple on YouTube is Queen Naija, an R&B singer, and Clarence White. They manage the “The Royal Family” YouTube channel with their two kids. White was already on YouTube prior to the launch of their united channel.

However, Queen Naija’s repeated appearances in his videos were immediately recognized by viewers. The dynamic duo’s extensive library of entertaining pranks and vlogs is currently available on YouTube.

Beautiful couple Queen Naija and Clarence have had many highs and lows together. They still have an unrivaled chemistry that could make any other couple jealous. They provide a glimpse into their enjoyable family lives on their YouTube channel.

Couple on YouTube

Kristy Scott and Desmond Scott: Former Friends & Current Couple on YouTube

With their amusing films, The Scotts were first a huge hit on Tiktok. However, their mission to provide viewers with a peek of the daily antics at the Scott household didn’t end there. Consequently, they later became hugely popular on YouTube. And before long, they were among the most popular couples on YouTube.

There is no denying that Kristy Sarah Scott and Desmond Scott have incredible chemistry. These two former best friends from high school have moved on and started posting hilarious videos to YouTube. Furthermore, the pleasure of their YouTube videos is enhanced by the small group of miniature Desmonds that they play with.

The majority of the videos on their channel are YouTube clips rather than full length films.

Couple on YouTube

Ashley Alexander and Kelly Wakasa: Friendship Turns into a Relationship

They could be one of the more recent couples on YouTube. However, Ashley Alexander and Kelly Wakasa are undoubtedly outperforming other well-known YouTube couples. The nicest thing about this pair is that their admirers got to witness how their friendship developed into a relationship on its own.

After moving into an apartment together with two other friends, Ashley and Kelly began appearing in each other’s vlogs. The chemistry and spark between them were evident even in the early phases of their friendship.

Since then, Ashley and Kelly have traveled to several nations together and shared numerous films on YouTube. In exchange, Ashley appears in a ton of videos on Kelly’s channel. Additionally, you can view by browsing Ashley’s channel.

Final Word: Couple YouTubers

YouTube offers thousands of videos for viewing. Couples on youtube niche is one of the most well-liked ones on the platform. Watching two people in love film their relationship on YouTube is something that people simply cannot get enough of.

These well-known couples on YouTube share a wide range of content including humorous videos, personal updates, challenges, and spicy vlogs.

So you can watch them having a blast together by going on any of their channels. Even if you’re not in a relationship, it’s a terrific way to get your daily fix of romance vibes. So feel free to browse the top couple YouTubers and watch their videos. Couples are just one of Best Topics for YouTube Channel to Boost Your Crowd!

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