TEFL YouTube Teachers are booming due to the intra-franca nature of ELT. Tubers reveal the best content for YouTube in this niche to boost your subscription.

It seems like YouTube was created with English language learners in mind. More hours of professional guidance than any learner could watch in their lifetime are available as the best content for YouTube. Even better, you can pause, rewind, play at slower speeds, and watch practically any video with subtitles until you fully comprehend every word.

Best content for YouTube

Straightforward English: Best Content for YouTube of TEFL Teachers

Bob the Canadian is probably already well-known to you if you are studying English! The majority of Bob’s videos include commonplace scenarios which is the best content for YouTube. Bob uses straightforward English to describe everyday settings, events, and exchanges while breaking down complex vocabulary along the way. He has shown his audience a wonderful variety of locations, including hardware stores, motels, and hospitals. The majority of Bob’s films are easily understood by intermediate speakers because of his distinct accent and subtitles. He seriously creates the best content for YouTube for ESL learners.

Best content for YouTube beginners

Idioms, Grammar, and Specialized Vocabulary: Best Content for YouTube of TEFL Teachers 

As Mr. Duncan has been managing a profitable English-language YouTube channel for more than a decade, you can be sure he possesses both experience and knowledge to create the best content for YouTube! He has an affluent British accent and resides in the charming village of Much Wenlock, UK. Almost every subject related to British English is covered in Mr. Duncan’s extensive video library, including idioms, grammar, and specialized vocabulary. He has been doing free livestream classes three times a week instead of making brief video lessons for the past few months. They’re quite helpful and the best content for YouTube; tune in to ask inquiries in real-time, for free! All of his previous videos about the more specialized aspects of the English language are still accessible if that’s not your thing.

Mr. Duncan, in contrast to Bob the Canadian, portrays a persona in his videos. He frequently exaggerates his statements, much like Mr. Bean. Although most viewers find his humorous films entertaining and memorable and the best content for YouTube, other students may find a more somber channel more appealing.

Best content for YouTube

Learning English Using Current News Items: Best Content for YouTube

The best Content for YouTube is unquestionably BBC Learn English. Every movie on this British government-run program was created by a group of knowledgeable professionals rather than just one enthusiastic individual. There is something for everyone on this channel, which is well-organized. There are playlists for honing your accent, studying for English exams, and learning English using current news items. These are well-produced, the best content for YouTube, and concise films that make for a great resource. If you’re among the serious individuals who think Mr. Duncan’s channel is too juvenile, BBC Learn English is unquestionably the Best Content for YouTube!

Best content for YouTube

General Things Like Pronunciation and Popular Phrases: Best Content for YouTube

Can non-native English speakers ever become fluent in the language? You need to be reminded sometimes that it is indeed feasible! When you’re having a bad day, LinguaMarina is the best content for YouTube of TEFL teachers and a great source of motivation.

The channel covers more general things like pronunciation and popular phrases, but it also includes some excellent playlists on how to prepare effectively for the TOEFL and how to apply to US institutions. Not every video that Marina posts is about learning English. While some of them offer general life advice and entrepreneurial knowledge, most people studying English for business will also find them helpful as the best content for YouTube. You should spend some time with Marina if you’re learning English in preparation for moving to the US!

Best content for YouTube

Phrasal Verbs and English Prepositions: Best Content for YouTube

Jennifer ESL offers lessons that are so extensive and well-structured, the best content for youtube, you’ll swear you paid for an expert language program! There is a vast selection to explore because she has been creating YouTube videos since 2007 where she teaches US English to her family. Watchers have two options: they may follow her pre-planned course or select from a variety of playlists, each of which addresses a certain English proficiency issue that students face. These now consist of two: one on phrasal verbs and one on English prepositions.

Similar to Bob the Canadian, one of the fun things about watching Jennifer’s films is getting a peek into someone’s life in a nation where English is the primary language. There’s a sense among fans that Jennifer is pulling for them on this particular channel, which truly seems like a community that is the best content for YouTube subscribers.

Best content for YouTube of TEFL Teachers

Technical Terms, Slang, and Phrases: Best Content for YouTube

who among us hasn’t watched all 10 seasons of Friends to learn English for themselves? Or, at any rate, it’s a very widespread misconception! Learning English with TV series may be the best content for YouTube for you if you’ve ever wanted to watch TV to learn English. The hosts play excerpts from well-known English-language TV shows while elucidating technical terms, slang, and phrases. Videos last anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes, which is the best content for YouTube to thoroughly study the language. Videos regarding a variety of movies and TV series are available, including Star Wars and Spongebob. A playlist of well-known songs and their lyrics is also available. This is the best content for YouTube to start looking for TV shows to watch while learning English!

Worksheets and Quizzes, American Expressions: Best Content for YouTube

You may be familiar with Voice of America if you are studying US culture. This firm, which is (mostly) sponsored and controlled by the US government, provides news from North America in 47 languages to audiences outside of the country. Therefore, the VOA Learning English channel is a repository of English courses developed with assistance from the US government. 

Videos are polished and meticulously produced, as one could anticipate; they are the work of a team of professionals. The channel offers a free 52-week course, which is the best content for YouTube! Worksheets and quizzes on their website correlate with the video lessons available on YouTube. If a year-long course isn’t your thing, there’s also an excellent assortment of playlists, such as “English in a Minute,” which breaks down common American expressions into manageable chunks, and “American Stories,” which features brief excerpts from well-known English-language stories along with explanations of tricky vocabulary. This is the best content for YouTube that students studying American culture and dialects shouldn’t miss.


Because it provides a multitude of language-learning tools on a single platform, YouTube is an excellent resource for learning English.

Can I watch YouTube videos to become proficient in a language? You can study at your speed using videos on YouTube, and it’s free and simple to use, but it won’t make you a native speaker.

You must also study fundamental grammar for an hour or two each day and pick up a group of five to ten new words if you want to speak proficient English in thirty days. Get a decent English book or read a newspaper every day. Create flashcards to help you learn new words or download a vocabulary-building app on your smartphone.

After completing 1,000 hours of study, people can speak at an advanced level in English, according to another survey conducted by the Swiss Federal Council. This implies that after just a year, someone who learns for three hours a day, every day, will probably be able to talk at an expert level.

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