You can also refer to these channel concepts as YouTube Automation.


  1. Anima

Being on camera is not necessary to succeed in the animal niche. Several multimedia producers have found success in this sector by offering commentary on the animals they shoot. As an alternative, you might highlight dogs since the majority of users find entertainment in animal material (mainly because it’s cute).

Ideas for Animal Niche Content

  1. Handicrafts

For artists who wish to demonstrate their abilities and show their audience what they can achieve, the arts and crafts niche on YouTube is a perfect place to start a channel. As you can demonstrate different how-to instructions and lessons on your channel, you might serve as an inspiration to other budding artists.

Ideas for Gallery-Style Content in the Arts and Crafts Niche to Expand Your Portfolio

This niche is more skill-based in nature. You must practice a lot if you want to dive into the niche especially if you are wondering How to Monetize a Faceless YouTube Channel!

  1. Vehicles

There are plenty of topics for YouTube video material in the car market. The platform is used by numerous automakers and content producers to disseminate the most recent information on the automotive sector.

Ideas for Automotive Niche Content

You must have access to a vehicle in order to complete reviews and maintenance advice.


  1. Commercial

Contents in this category include business news, business trends, business advice, and more. You can use other people’s photos, videos, or news from other platforms and record your own voiceovers to use as your YouTube business specialty content if you’re interested in giving it a try. 

Ideas for Business Niche Content

There can be too many competitors in the niche. Consider doing something that sets you apart from the competition or something fresh for your audience.

Make sure your audience will find your references and sources reliable.

  1. Employment

Similar to the business niche, there are a lot of individuals who follow the career niche in search of job advice. You can record doodle movies in which you write the questions and narrate an explanation of the material.

Ideas for Career Niche Content

There are lots of rivals in a niche.


  1. Animated films and cartoons on YouTube

The most popular niche that doesn’t require you to reveal your face is cartoon and animation. But with the extensive video editing required for animation videos, breaking into this niche could be taxing.

Ideas for Cartoon and Animation Niche Content

  1. Stars

The news and information about people’s favorite celebrities is the focus of the celebrity niche. For this niche, there are a ton of YouTube videos available, most of them are about celebrities and anything under the sun.

Ideas for Celebrity Niche Content

You can lose followers if a celebrity makes a bad comment.

  1. Digital Currency

Due to the events surrounding FTX last year, cryptocurrency has been experiencing a meteoric rise in value over the previous few years. Given that many individuals are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and are looking for content to get them started, this is an excellent niche to get into in the future. 

Ideas for Cryptocurrency Niche Content

A single inaccurate market forecast will result in a decline in followers.

  1. Homemade Guides and Tips

The information contained in these DIY tutorial and hack videos has made them famous among YouTube viewers. Given that the materials in this area require little financial investment, it can be one of the easiest to enter. 

Make sure your do-it-yourself projects are successful and won’t bother your viewers any further.

  1. Learning

The education niche on YouTube features a variety of classes from various courses or subjects. Your face doesn’t need to be seen on your material because the images speak louder than words.

Ideas for Education Niche Content

  1. Eating and Preparing

This is the ideal specialty for you if you’re a talented cook. When people realize how wonderful your recipes and culinary tutorials are, this is one of the surefire YouTube channel ideas that will win you over as a devoted fan base. 

Ideas for Food and Cooking Niche Content

Before posting your recipes online, practice cooking them.


  1. Horticulture

Even if the gardening niche is a little more specialized, a lot of people are still looking for gardening videos. If you have any gardening knowledge, this niche can be for you because landscaping and gardening advice are the most popular content categories in it.

Ideas for Gardening Niche Content

Since gardening involves talent, not everyone may enjoy it.


  1. Well-being

Another reliable topic for YouTube video is health, since a lot of consumers are constantly looking for medical information. Of course, if you want your audience to believe you, it’s best if you work in the medical area and have credentials.

Ideas for Health-Related Niche Content

Because your advice affects people’s health, you need to be sure it is both effective and believable.

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